The Thoughtful Gift Guide

The Slowing Down Guide

Take a virtual trip to the desert and slow things way down. The holidays are all about loved ones, giving thanks, and maybe opening a gift or two — what’s the rush anyway?

Gift Responsibly

Thoughtful gifts are the best kinds of gifts, so take a minute to ponder what they love to do. We recommend FLOAT for yogis, puffers for hikers, and ReSlides for everyone — but you do you.


Lessons from the Desert

The desert biome and its inhabitants thrive even in the harshest conditions. Deserts are the driest biome that experience little to no precipitation and often have very little plant growth. There are four main types of deserts: hot arid deserts like the Sahara, semiarid deserts like the sagebrush areas of Utah, cooler coastal deserts like Chile’s Atacama Desert, and cold polar deserts like Antarctica. (That’s right, Antarctica.)

Let’s take it slow

Slow your pace, slow your style. It’s estimated that 11 million tons of clothing are thrown away in the US each year thanks to the rise of fast fashion. Minimize your own waste when you can and think carefully before you shop: Do I need this? Where did it come from? And where will it go when I’m through?

Gifts for Friends

Good gifts for great friends. Inspired by nature’s brightest hues, designed for everyone on your “nice” list.


Bundle Up + Save

Stress less, save more when you buy readymade gift bundles. Ooh.


This holiday season, let’s return to nature, shall we?

Together, we’ll explore a new environment each week, discover the connection between nature and our own wellbeing, and share sustainability resources to protect the planet we all call home.

Let’s Keep in Touch

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