Earth Month at Girlfriend

It’s our favorite time of the year. Get rewarded (even more) for all the great stuff you do to keep our planet clean.

1. Clean Up

All month, earn double (i.e. 100 points) by posting a #goodjobgf post on Instagram. 

Step 1: Tag us in an Instagram or TikTok of yourself wearing Girlfriend and doing something good for the earth using the hashtag #goodjobgf. Be sure to follow the official rules at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: Click the image above to submit your post for points. 

(Please only submit one post at a time for points.)

Step 3: In 24-48 hours, we’ll review the post and distribute the points to your account.

2. Clean Out

Do a spring closet clean and send us anything you don’t wear anymore to be recycled. We’ll give you $5-10 store credit per item as a reward.

Step 1: Gather all the clothes you want to recycle (from any brand in any condition). 

Step 2: Send it back to us using your prepaid shipping label. 

Step 3: We’ll credit you $10 per Girlfriend piece and $5 per non-Girlfriend piece. Use your credit for up to 30% off your next order with us.

3. Give Back

On Earth Day, we’ll double our donation to our new charity partner, Cool Earth, when you select it at checkout.

Step 1: Build your cart.

Step 2: At checkout, select Cool Earth to donate to and we’ll send 2% of your order value to the organization (with zero cost to you)!

Official Rules for #goodjobgf

What Counts

- Hard posts on your Instagram or TikTok

- A picture or video where you’re recognizably wearing Girlfriend

- Posts on a public profile

- Plogging (picking up trash while jogging)

- Cleaning up your local park/beach/neighborhood

- Planting trees

What Doesn’t Count

- Instagram stories

- A picture where we can’t see if you’re wearing Girlfriend (we love your selfies, but we have to see more than like, a bra strap, you know)?

- Posts on a private profile 

- Taking out your own trash

- Daily recycling (you do that anyway, right?)

- Refusing plastic (i.e. utensils or single-use water bottles). While this is an awesome practice, we should all be doing this in our daily lives anyway, so it doesn’t count for this.

Example #goodjobgf posts that count

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