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Behind the Seams: Our SA8000 Factory.

Cutting and sewing is the most human intensive part of making clothing, with 14 pairs of hands and eyes making each pair of our leggings. We believe they should be taken care of.

Our factory’s story began in 1931 in Denmark by a farmer who decided to venture in garment manufacturing by producing undergarments for women and children. 86 years later it is still family owned and operated.

Our Danish partners opened up our Vietnam facility in 2005, bringing with them the same practices and values that they had used since the 1930’s in Denmark. The cornerstone of this was to treat every employee with respect and guarantee the highest level of compensation and worker health. But what does that mean, really?

Many factories will get certifications of some sort to appeal to Western brands that like to advertise that they manufacture ethically. What has happened over time are a plethora of bunk certifications that mean nothing, and are only used as a marketing ploy.

Not our facility. Our facility is managed by an incredible Vietnamese business woman, Hien Doan. Prior to working in the garment industry, she worked tirelessly at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). During her time at the UNDP, Hien helped shape reform in rural agriculture and development, working with farmers to complete sweeping projects in infrastructure and achieving access to new technology. Her priority was to bring true prosperity to Vietnam and elevate the lives of those in the margins, and we’re lucky that she set her sights on garment manufacturing next.

Our Danish partners and Hien decided to ensure transparency and employee’s rights by getting an SA8000 certification.

An SA8000 certification is an accountability standard set up by Social Accountability International as a way for garment manufacturers to guarantee that workers are being paid and treated fairly. In essence and practice an SA8000 certification is the Fair Trade equivalent for the apparel industry. It guarantees a slew of really important stuff, including no forced or child labor, safe working conditions, and the right to unionize. Read more about SA8000 and see our certification here.

These standards should be where every single factory is, because we see it as a perfect starting place from which to build. Which is exactly what we’ve done.

Our minimum wage starts at 125% of the local minimum wage for brand-new employees, and only goes up from there.

Instead of just providing a lunch room like most factories, we provide both free catered breakfast and lunch, as well as guided exercise breaks because no one likes to stare at a desk all day (us included).

While healthcare is often deducted from wages, we decided to provide free monthly health check ups at the factory for every employee.

We want you to know as much about who we are and what we believe as possible, because the more you look at where things come from, the more you learn about where things should go.

Thanks for getting to know us.