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Recycle. Reuse. ReGirlfriend.



We make our bras and leggings to last, but wear and tear can take its toll. When you’re finished with your old Compressive bras, leggings, and shorts, send them to us to be recycled into new ones using the button above. You’ll get $15 store credit, avoid creating more waste on the planet, and help us close the loop. It’s like a total win-win. Please note we are only able to accept one item per shipping label at this time. If you'd like to recycle multiple items, make sure to buy a label for each one. ReGirlfriend is only available in the U.S. for now, but we hope to expand soon. ;)

Waste Not

Only 1% of all clothing is recycled — let’s do something about that. With Recycle. Reuse. ReGirlfriend., we take your old Girlfriend Collective Compressive leggings, bras, and shorts, and turn them into new clothes that can be worn again and again. It’s new stuff made from old stuff… made from old stuff. 


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