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14 Sustainable Jewelry Brands You’ll Actually Want to Wear

By Chamidae Ford

By Chamidae Ford

When we think about our consumption and what aspects of our lives have the most impact on the planet, what generally comes to our mind is our food systems and our clothing. But for those of you who are looking to make every part of your life more eco-friendly, it may be time to look into sustainable jewelry. 

As most sectors of the fashion world, sustainable jewelry brands are becoming more and more accessible. Ethical jewelry brands are looking to create pieces that not only benefit the environment but participate in crafting fair trade jewelry as well. 

Finding ethical jewelry brands that upcycle, repurpose its waste, use recycled materials, maintain fair trade work environments, and sustainably source their gems can feel overwhelming. That's why we’ve gathered some of the best sustainable jewelry brands for every style and outfit.

14 Pieces of Stunning Sustainable Jewelry that Prioritize Design and the Planet

1. Aligheri

Inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy, Aligheri pieces honor the process of getting through dark times. This sustainable jewelry brand creates pieces with the intention of them being “forever heirlooms” passed down through generations. 

Aligheri relies on bronze, recycled gold, and 100% eco recycled sterling silver for their casting process. While their chains are generally made in-house, those that are outsourced are RJC certified. Their pearls, diamonds, and gemstones are also RJC certified. This ethical jewelry brand is invested in keeping its carbon footprint low and supporting the local communities and craft in Hatton Garden. These literature-inspired pieces are meant to be handed down for many years to come.

Shop sustainable jewelry from Aligheri

2. Wolf Circus

This Vancouver, BC-based ethical jewelry brand describes itself as an “attainable luxury.” Aiming to make low-cost, high-quality pieces for everyday use, Wolf Circus hopes to inspire its customers to “embrace their confidence.” From their fun cowboy boots to everyday chains, their pieces feel appropriate for any scenario. 

Wolf Circus crafts their pieces through a lost-wax casting process, the pieces are then either coated in recycled silver or recycled bronze. For gold designs, Wolf Circus coats the recycled metals with 14 K gold plating. Their pearls are ethically farmed and gemstones are both naturally occurring or lab-made. 

Shop sustainable jewelry from Wolf Circus

3. Catbird

This NYC-based jewelry shop was born out of founder, Rony Vardi’s, love of making her own pieces. Catbird is dedicated to creating a fair trade jewelry brand that provides employees with a safe work environment and benefits. These perfect for layering designs keep the planet and quality their main priority. 

Catbird pieces are crafted in Brooklyn using ethically sourced jewelry and stones that have been sourced conflict-free. These practices make Catbird one of the most reliable sustainable jewelry brands for everyday wear.

Shop sustainable jewelry from Catbird

4. Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages prides itself on being a fair trade jewelry brand. They partner with artisans all over the world to allow them the opportunity to share their craft and gain a stable income while preserving local culture. Each piece is made with the environment in mind. Ten Thousand Villages allows the preservation of traditional crafts while leading the charge in the fair trade movement for creating ethical work environments for artisans. Their handcrafted designs featuring sustainably sourced materials offer an authentic alternative to other brands.

Shop sustainable jewelry from Ten Thousand Villages


Creating timeless, sustainable jewelry is AGMES' main mission. Their pieces prioritize comfort and feel. AGMES designs lightweight fine jewelry that seems to be a part of you. Inspired by the juxtaposition of the urban and natural world, these pieces are made for any landscape. So whether you are hiking to a waterfall or catching the subway, your jewelry fits right in. 

Each design is handmade in New York City, relying on recycled metals and freshwater pearls to create sustainable jewelry. In order to reduce waste, AGMES returns any metal scraps leftover after making their jewelry back to their suppliers to be used again.

Shop sustainable jewelry from AGMES


Founded in Brooklyn and inspired by the French verb Souvenir, which means to remember, SVNR crafts pieces with a specific time or place in the human experience in mind for each design. These colorful and eye-catching pieces remind one of summers at the beach and speak to your inner child. The Amalfi necklace in particular can transport you instantly to Italian beaches regardless of where you are. 

SVNR makes all their handcrafted jewelry from up-cycled, reused, found, and natural materials. Sustainable practices are a cornerstone of this ethical brand.

Shop sustainable jewelry from SVNR


This New York City-based sustainable jewelry brand favors transparency, from their pricing to their sourcing. In 2015, in response to the lack of affordable sustainable timeless pieces, AURATE was founded. 

All the gold used at AURATE is recycled, never mined. Their diamonds are ethically sourced and their pearls are sustainably harvested from family-run farms. Every piece you wear by them will keep you looking effortlessly put together without harming the planet.

Shop sustainable jewelry from AURATE


This ethical jewelry brand was founded to empower women with a mission to end poverty. They train and invest in women who are experiencing poverty and help them gain skills and financial security. 

The ABLE jewelry is made in Nashville, TN. The majority of their silver is recycled and they partner with US-based vendors in order to oversee their sustainable and ethical practices. To reduce waste, ABLE also works with a refinery that melts down their scrap metal in order to reuse the discarded metal. Whether you are looking for personalized pieces or a spin on the modern hoop earring, ABLE has an ethical and timeless take on it. 

Shop sustainable jewelry from ABLE

9. Nisolo

Nisolo is a sustainable jewelry brand that prioritizes transparency. Each item they create is tested and rated on its sustainable practices and the ethical treatment of its workers. Protecting the planet and its workers are the pillars of Nisolo's mission. They actively work to make sure all their customers have a livable wage and to create items with 0% net carbon.

All of the jewelry available at Nisolo is handcrafted in Kenya by artisans from upcycled brass. These simplistic and beautiful pieces are an effortless addition to any outfit.

Shop sustainable jewelry from Nisolo

10. Omi Woods

Omi Woods crafts fair trade jewelry inspired by the African Diaspora. Each individually handmade piece directly speaks to the Founder, Ashley Alexis’, Jamaican-Ashanti-Indigenous-Maroon heritage. The name of the brand stems from the indigenous Taino word 'Xaymaca', that Jamaica is derived from, which means land of wood and water.

Each piece of ethical jewelry is made with sustainable materials. Their gold is fair trade African gold, the silver is recycled, and the metal is conflict-free. At Omi Woods providing employees with a livable wage is essential and therefore they have partnered with small artisanal mines that provide for their employees and utilize traditional mining techniques that do less harm to the environment. 

Shop sustainable jewelry from Omi Woods

11. Arlokea

Arlokea was founded as a way to support activists fighting social injustices in their communities. Beyond crafting sustainable jewelry, they partner with nonprofits and to help create social change. And work to provide fair trade wages and jobs for those most marginalized. 

Their ethical jewelry pieces are handcrafted by local artisans across 6 different countries and 8 different artisan groups. None of their pieces contain toxic dyes and they are all sustainably sourced. These chic and fair-trade pieces are ones you can wear without fear over what condition they were made in. 

Shop sustainable jewelry from Arlokea

12. Poppy Finch

When Poppy Finch was imagined, sustainability was always at the core. This sustainable jewelry brand has created designs that reimagine luxury jewelry without harming the planet. Offering a wide range of selections, from precious gems to classic gold bands, there is something for everyone. 

They craft their pieces with recycled metals and rely on ethically sourced gemstones and conflict-free diamonds to add sparkle to their designs. Each timeless piece is handmade in Vancouver, BC.

Shop sustainable jewelry from Poppy Finch

13. Ana Luisa

Ana Luisa is determined to create pieces that are high quality while still protecting the planet. This ethical jewelry brand is 100% carbon and water neutral. They also donate any pieces with minuscule imperfections in order to keep them out of the landfill. Their pieces can be worn as a statement or a simple accent to the perfect outfit. 

They design pieces with brass, recycled sterling silver, and 14k gold. Their diamonds are lab-grown rather than mined, offering the same shine without damaging the planet. These pieces make all your outfits seem effortless. 

Shop sustainable jewelry from Ana Luisa

14. Soko

Soko is a women-led jewelry company that partners with marginalized Kenyan artisans in order to bring their pieces to the global marketplace. Soko helps female artisans earn a livable wage. This ethical jewelry brand is B-Corp certified which prioritizes people first and the planet. Their collection of zodiac sign inspired necklaces offer a fun and timeless approach to an everyday piece.  

Their signature brass pieces are made from 90% recycled brass. They rely on chrome-plated recycled brass for their silver products. During the electroplating process they reuse water which not only increases efficiency but reduces waste. Their handmade statement beads are made by the fair trade womans collective based in Kenya, Kazuri. The clay is sourced directly from Mount Kenya by hand. 

Shop sustainable jewelry from Soko

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